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Jay Cutler To World: “X’s and O’s Before Hoes”

Image Credit: John Martinez Pavliga

Kristin Cavallari thought she was running a fly pattern to the altar. Jay Cutler crouched under center, flanked by Cavallari at his side, stared across the line of scrimmage and read the opposing defense. “Married Life” had the best D in the league, and the play he had called was straight up suicide. So, like a true professional, he proceeded to call the greatest audible of his professional career and life, a quick out to “Single Manhood” on the other side of the field for a first down to keep the drive alive. Nice read, Jay.


We all saw what a relationship did to Paul Gasol and the Lakers in the NBA Playoffs. And we all saw how it derailed Doug Christie’s career. The last thing Bears fans needed was their franchise quarterback to get married to a reality TV star. Brian Urlacher’s dalliance with Paris Hilton at the height of her celebrity was enough for most of us. 


It’s like the old saying goes, “X’s and O’s before hoes”.